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"I practice the Agnihotra Healing Fire since 5 months. The relationship with my daughter was quite difficult, although she is very sweet. Our characters are not compatible and so we were fighting and discussing a lot. At home every morning before going to school we had a war going on, she screamed and kicked. The same day I began to make the fires, I gave her a little bit of Agnihotra ash because she had fever, headache and I told her that this will help her. The following day, when I woke up I saw her getting out of the shower, she greeted me very attentive and I stayed with an open mouth, wondering what had happened. To see my daughter talking nicely and doing things that way, incredible! From that day on her character has become calmer, compatible with mine, she accepts the advice I give her, now she is super well. Also she had many nightmares and fear of sleeping alone. Since she wears a the sacred sand she has stopped to have nightmares and sleeps calm the whole night

Our 13 year-old son has begun a month ago to do his own Agnihotra fire and he shows a very favorable change in his attitude. Earlier a simple thing, like cutting his hair, which is a demand from the school, was very traumatic experience and he was crying each time. But he went through such a dramatic change with the fires that he returned from the hairdresser this month smiling and eager to show his new look. Also his relationship with the smallest siblings has improved 90%.
When my children get bitten by insects or have little wounds, I apply Agnihotra ash and the itching disappears and it almost heals the wounds immediately.
I am a Reiki therapist and in my daily practice I perceive the energy in my hands. I have always perceived it as intense red but the day after I took Agnihotra ash I could see a white light around my hands. It shone so intense that I cried out of happiness. I know that the auric field is increased vastly, ingesting Agnihotra ash. 
For this reason I give Agnihotra ash to my Reiki patients, it helps them to accelerate the process of balancing their energy. The most surprising experience I had was the case of a patient that arrived looking for some peace and harmony. The doctor had diagnosed her after many exams a brain tumor, located near the hypophysis, what prevented her to produce enough hormones and manifested a premature menopause. The lady is 27 years old and has a three year-old daughter. She lady was not menstruating for two years and the doctor told her, she will never again menstruate, because her hormonal levels are very low. After two weeks of Reiki treatment, I gave her some Agnihotra ash for her daughter, who was hyperactive, but I recommended, she take it also. Two days later when she returned for another Reiki session, she was very happy and surprised about what had happened to her. The day she took the ash, she had a colic and could not imagine which was the reason for that. But that same night her menstruation began. The doctors were very surprised and could not believe it, they said that it could not be. I told her that we would see in the coming month if that was the menstruation or not. She stopped attending the Reiki sessions and called me two months later to tell me that she is pregnant. Through ultra sound she knows that the fetus is well and she is very happy. She continues taking Agnihotra ash. Her daughter has also calmed down noticably.
Another case that occurred within my practice concerns a 7 year old child. The girl lost her mother when she was three years old and began about five months ago to present epileptic attacks. According to the doctors there was no physiologic reason, but they didn't find a way to remove these attacks. Her nervous system was very weak and with Reiki she became more balanced, but she entered in a phase, of fainting many times during a day. I gave her Agnihotra ash and already the following day the faintings were less and less. Now she has one or two short faintings per month.
Another case is the one of a 40-year-old lady, who came for Reiki therapy for several emotional reasons. She has found some balance. Since 2 months she takes Agnihotra ash without failing. Her nervous system is well balanced now. One day I noticed stains in her face and she mentioned that thanks to the Agnihotra ash those stains are no longer as dark, as they were before. Every time she is exposed to the sun, her face became coffee colored stains. 

I have a friend, which after 17 years of marriage has not been able to find happiness with her husband. He has been a very "macho" person and drank alcohol continually. I advised her to put Agnihotra ash in the food or juices of her husband and she noticed a significant change in less than a month. His character is less aggressive and he feels no longer well when it ingests alcohol, and because of that he is leaving the drinks."