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Piura, Peru 


  • Gastritis 
  • Hair loss 
  • Nervousness 
"I have attending the fires of Homa-Therapy for one and a half month and I feel very good. I am taking the Agnihotra ash because I suffered from gastritis. I took a medicine called "Milanta" and other herbs, which proofed to be ineffective. Now I take the Agnihotra-ash every morning, my digestion has become better and I feel better.  I also did have hair loss. But since I take the Agnihotra-ash my hair grows normally. The same with my nervous system, it is being strengthened through Homa-Therapy, I used to  very nervous. 
I thank God, who puts Homa-Therapy at our reach, which helps us to get out of many difficult situations in which we find ourselves. Because of this I recommend Homa-Therapy to many people,  so they can come and experience and then give their testimony so that other people, who are also in difficult situation can learn how Homa-Therapie heals. I consider Homa-Therapy as a good and integral tool, because besides strengthening the health it also strengthens the will."