The foundation treats children with aids in Cali, Colombia. The center is called Fundamor. Mrs. Tanja Fajardo ( has been in charge of performing the healing fires in this place, now for about 60 days. It has been a very intensive Homa Therapy work, since they also do have a biogarden. We are very happy to present the following letter.

 Translated from original Spanish:




The child Jose Ramon Paz, 7 years old, was admitted in the month of July of this year with ELISA test showing HIV AIDS POSITIVE. Now in the 2nd test, which was performed on September 28 the result was NEGATIVE. This child has not received any drugs or standard medicines. Except the daily intake of AGNIHOTRA ASH, YANTRAM water and being permanently in the HOMA ATMOSHERE. 
The child Juan Camilo Bermudez, 3 years old, was admitted with 9 month of age. His parents died due to the Aids virus. The ELISA test has shown that he is POSITIVE. According to the last test there is a great VIRAL CHARGE  (over 750.000 copies) and he is supposed to be in the TERMINAL stage, but surprisingly he is running around and plays with the other children. He simply wears a YANTRAM on his chest during the day and sleeps with it, placing it below the pillow. He drinks YANTRAM water and is daily present in the HOMA fires, he has taken the AGNIHOTRA ASH along with the drug NORVIR twice a day.

Given in Santiago de Cali on 12th of October, 2000.

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Maria Antoneta Agudelo                                                          Guillermo Garido Sardi
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