Eng. Roger Chanduví
Universidad Nacional de Piura
Piura, Peru
Tel: 074-321805


  • Fungi on the feet

  • Uric Acid elevated

"Immediately after installing the Homa Therapy resonance point on the University campus, I was curious to apply the Agnihotra ash on my feet between the toes, since I was suffering with a fungi called Athletes foot. The very next day I noticed, that the fungi was gone. 
Similarly I gave some Agnihotra ash to my brother to heal a fungi that he has had in his hands for a long time. It disappeared from one day to the next. 
I also gave some Agnihotra ash to the engineer Victor Garcia, he had fungi on his arm. After 3 days of applying this ash, the fungi disappeared. The Agnihotra ash healed, what many doctors could not. 
I also took Agnihotra ash with one spoon of ghee (clarified unsalted butter) and this worked for me as a laxative, for it cleaned me up. 
Also the elevated uric acid in my organism went down and now I can move and bend my knees without any pain."