Surgeon and Physician
Graduated in the Catholic University of Guayaquil 
Specialist in Hypnotherapy 

Manuel Garcia 1113 
Tel. 239 2995 
  • Fungi (Mycosis) 
  • Harmonization of Family 
"I want to give a testimony of this science like it is the case with Homa Therapy and the Agnihotra fires, in which I have participated 4 times. First, the whole procedure caught my attention. I know it is a combustion.  But here the energy is not eliminated, it is transformed and in addition comes the solar energy. Now this is a tremendous charge. I already knew that the ash of the Agnihotra fire has healing power. 
Becuase I applied Agnihotra ash immediately to a patient, which had a very damaged skin from fungi and the results were highly positive. Already the following day the skin was no longer broken, as it is generally the case with fungi. The report I have till now is, that the patient has completely recovered. 

Personally I feel with enough energy to continue my work in spite of the multiple things which I have to deal with daily. In my intimate life, everything is perfect. I carry a lot of harmony to the different places I go. The energy from the sessions with the Agnihotra fire of the Therapy Homa can be felt. Believe me, the harmonization I feel with my wife and children is incredible. 

Yes, Homa Therapy is a science, and yes I follow it and I practice it. The belief systems are only riddles and ideas. But this, many thousand years old science is very good. Unfortunately I only came to know about it recently, if I had known it before, believe me, that my life would have been much more fabulous of what it begins to be now."