Ricardo Garcia
Av Ayacucho 1417 
Surco- Lima, Peru 
Tel. : 01-4480701
L.E. : 07839456


  • Cough

  • Parasites

  • Malnutrition

"I worked as a volunteer with the Homa Therapy and went to Tingo Maria to teach the practice of Agnihotra and I had a wonderful experience with a 2 months old patient. His mother brought him with coughing problems, the baby already had been hospitalized and had received some glucose solution, because he was very weak and he also had parasites. The mother came with the child to learn Agnihotra, both of them would inhale the healing smoke. The mother took the Agnihotra ash along with her meals. The child became more active as the time was passing. After one week already he had got rid of the parasites."