Home for mistreated and abandoned children

With psychological, physical and emotional problems ,
Hyperactivity, etc.

Paul Benites Aldana
Cusco Norte 139
Piura, Peru
Age: 15 years
This letter is supposed to let you know about the work we did with Homa Therapy in this home for mistreated and abandoned children. I was there for 6 weeks teaching the Homa Therapy fires and helping with other works, like gardening. I learned to better understand the power of these healing fires.

In this home live 27 children, boys and girls between 5 and 15 years of age. All of them learned to carry out the Agnihotra fire, the Triambakam and the Vyahruti Homa with the corresponding Mantras. We did daily 2 hours of Triambakam Homa. One hour in the morning at 6:30 and one hour at noon, where everyone participated.
  • The children learned little by little to mediate and to be more silent, which they were not able before.
  • When the children had wounds, pimples or bruises, we rubbed Agnihotra ash with Ghee on the affected parts and a few days later they were healed. They also took regularly the Agnihotra ash and most of them liked it.
  • One boy had nose bleeding every time he fell or got hit. We applied the Agnihotra crème 3 to 5 times and he did not bleed again.
  • Another boy had fungi on his left foot. We put Agnihotra crème during 5 or 6 days 2 to 3 times daily on the affected part and on the 6th day the fungi had disappeared.
  • One child's neck hurt one day, he could not rotate his head. A few hours after we applied him the Agnihotra ash crème his pain disappeared and he was fine.
  • A small child suffered of cough with phlegm. We sat him down close to the pyramid at Agnihotra time and his problems disappeared.
  • Over 10 children were treated for bruises and pimples, which they had on their arms and legs due to playing. We rubbed them the Agnihotra ash 2 to 3 times daily and almost all the children with pimples ate Agnihotra ash.
  • A 13 year-old boy, one day after the Agnihotra fire, listened to a song with the sound of a flute, which was something very wonderful for him. And nobody else heard it.
  • A 14 year-old girl was always shouting. With the help of the Homa fires she experienced a radical change in her character. She stopped shouting and fighting.
  • The director, because of work overload, accompanied us only a few times. She entered the living room with bad temper. But when we finished the healing sessions, she came out very happy, easy and relaxed.

Pili Agurto Plata
Piura, Peru
Tel. 51-74-321805
Every day that passes and I come to know the children better, the happiness increases, seeing that the children react positively to the Homa Therapy. They are more calm and tranquil now. They were very hyperactive. The screams have lost their intensity and they pay much more attention. There is even an absolute silence during the realization of the Agnihotra fire. They make a big effort during the moments of meditation to adopt the correct posture and to carry out the indications given regarding breathing.

The first three days the Director's presence was needed to control them. Now already they work alone. All of them have learned the Mantras and know the basic theory of Homa Therapy. Some of them practice Agnihotra and all participate in the Tryambakam Homa, which we do one to two hours daily.
They are 27 children from 5 to 15 years of age. Some already feel the difference and they recognize their changes and improvements. They are happy with this gift.
With the Agnihotra ash we have cured small wounds. All ingest ash every day in the morning and evening.
With the help of Paul the garden has advanced a lot. The children have sown seeds and are awaiting their progress.
I am a witness of the enthusiasm that the children show in carrying out the healing fires of Homa Therapy. They took conscience of how useful and profitable the practice of Homa Therapy is and living in its atmosphere. Some children perceive the changes in their emotional and mental state and have high hopes for more positive changes.
The Social Worker of this Home for children writes:

I want to send you this information, so you can see how the children, after only 3 weeks of Homa Therapy practice, have improved:

1. There have been improvements in the character of the children, overall at night they are much calmer.
2. Some children have lowered their enuresis problem (they no more urinate every night in bed)
3. For the older children the Homa fires have become a moment for reflection, where they ask for help and that things come out well in their lives.
4. At the beginning the children were very disobedient to Mrs. Pili, but now they obey her and they take the fires with seriousness.
5. In the case of 2 very difficult children, a change was noticed in their behavior. There are days now, where their behavior is very good.
6. All the children know the Mantras and participate actively.
7. Mrs. Pili and Paul help us with the Homa Therapy and also in other activities of the house, because we always need hands of friends.