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  • High Blood Pressure
  • Nervousness and Anger
  • Pain in a scar
  • Pain in the armpit
  • Depression
"My experience is the following: We began to practice the Agnihotra fire of the Homa Therapy in the company of some relatives. My brother Salvador who is of very reluctant caracter, has a small company. His employees already know that he is very explosive. He is now participating in the Agnihotra fires but told me, when he saw it for the first time he didn't believe in all this. In spite of that he has seen the realization of the fire and took the Agnihotra ash that morning. My brother suffers from high blood pressure. He has been interned three times because of his pressure of 18-12 and the last time he almost died. In that opportunity they had to inject him Diasepan in order to lower his pressure. He is nervous, emotional and his pressure rises quickly. 
The case was that that day he was also scared about his pressure. He has an electronic apparatus with which the pressure is measured. After he took the Agnihotra ash, he had to go to the bathroom and he began to massage his stomach and what astonished him is that his pressure began to lower - he felt as if his soul would leave him. He took the apparatus and measured his pressure 11-8. He has never had such a normal pressure. He also felt very peaceful. He left for work and into that his workers arrived with a report that a work was not done well. They know that when a worker does not do his job right, he is fired and this was the third time that the same worker had messed up a job. When the worker was presented he began to cry, he said to be responsible for a family and he requested from my brother another opportunity. My brother told him: 'I am giving you another opportunity. Go to work.' My brother kept calm. After this he went to his wife, who had prepared breakfast with hard eggs and it happened that one of them had not parboiled well. So when he squashed it, it stained this shirt. The wife looked at him afraid and thought now he is going to throw everything off the table as always. But that didn't happen. On the contrary, he put the rest on the table and smiled and said: 'You might need to prepare me another shirt'. In the afternoon my brother arrived again for the Agnihotra fire and brought a worker of trust with him and told us that because of his ailments he will continue coming to the fires. 

We have a house in Tarma, Jiron Perine 290, where my parents live. Lately my father has been carrying out works in the house; he has begun to fix the foundations because there is a lot of humidity. He is an old man, who was operated two months ago of a hernia and lately he began to complain about pains in the scar and he had colics since one week and took medicine. I remembered my Yantram (copper medal with specific geometric design charged with pranic energies) and put it over the scar and he told me that he felt some heat. Later, when I thought that the Yantram had pulled out the pain, I took it off. I did not say anything about this to my wife. At night I passed to say goodbye to my father and he said to me: 'Son, could you sell me your medal? How much does it cost? I responded that I will get one for him. He told me: 'I want to tell you that the colics have disappeared, the whole morning I have felt very well without pain.' Then I told my wife about what had happened and when looking at the Yantram I realized that it was black, as if it had been burnt. 

The experience of my daughter Hilda was this way: One day she got up with pain in the armpit, it was possibly a cold and she could not lift her arm. I thought, since my Yantram is burnt, lets see if it still works. I did put it under the girl's armpit and she felt some warmth and already after a short while I asked my daughter how she feels? She began to lift the arm without a problem and she said to her mom: 'Look what my dad gave me and now it no longer hurts'.
These are the interesting cases that I have experienced in these last days. 

I also want to mention the case of a lady that was operated on the gall bladder and doctors also discovered intestinal problems and they had to cut some parts of the intestine. After the operation the lady entered into depression. She lives in San Juan of Lurigancho, Urbanization Ayacucho. One day she called me and asked for help. Since her house is far away, we just arrived in time for the evening Agnihotra. We prepared everything quickly and did the Agnihotra fire. The lady sat very close to it. She relaxed profoundly and told us afterwards 'I am afire, I have so much energy and before I felt all cold and numb'. Previously she had received some psychological treatment, but was not able to overcome the depression. After the day of the fire she called again and repeated that she feels well and even had left the house to do some shopping. 
For us all these happenings are surprising experiences, in so little time (4 weeks) so many good things happened."