Paulina Munoz
Urbanization Colina Manzana 5
Ph: 0212 986149
  • Change of Attitude
  • Homa Farming Products
"I want to share my experience as a distributor of organic Homa products. We were planting in the state of Cojedes, applying Homa Therapy. We eradicated plagues without using insecticides and we harvested beautiful tomatoes and very good eggplants. Although I did not have much experience on how to plant, I learned how to do it quickly. I obtained good results shown by spectacular products.  I took these products to Caracas to sell them. I sold them under price because of my lack of knowledge about the value of organic products. It was a lot of work and I got mad because I just did not know how to handle the selling. I would use my little car, driving from one side of the city to the other, to distribute one kilo of vegetables to each house and spending lots of money in gasoline. The Homa vegetables were wrapped with love, ecological paper, cord, etc. They looked very beautiful . I had to move around in the city from place to place, which caused me a lot of stress. When I returned after all that agony, at my house, I experienced a sensation of tremendous love. I am sure this love came from the energy of the products and that was what made me continue. The following day I got up happy and again I went to distribute the products from house to house. But now every time I would give the products to people I would feel great love for being able to share with them these wonderful Homa products. My attitude about sharing changed completely  and I am very grateful for that because now I understand better how to share. When I arrived at the last house, I opened the package with the vegetables. There were three more people with me and when opening the package a light burst from it, coming from the products. In the beginning I thought that I was the only one who saw it. But I asked the others: Did you just see the same thing I did? They were amazed too. They also saw the light coming from the bag and they told me that the products are shining from inside. It was then when we realized that these products are not just products without chemicals, healthy and natural, but they are additionally loaded with healing energies and materialized love from the AGNIHOTRA fire. This is what you feel when you eat these Homa veggies: a great love. So they are something priceless, they cannot have a price."