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  • Urinary Incontinence
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"Just like today, one Sunday three years ago we had a great Agnihotra pyramid gathering here. We counted between thirty and forty pyramids. The neighbor, which is my cousin's mother-in-law, suffered from urinary incontinence since a long time and she also attended the Agnihotra fires at sunset. She came the following day to tell us that her incontinence was controlled. That she had not used any pads.
Here, in this very house we had a sick lemon tree that was already dried up when we came to know about the Homa Therapy. We gave the tree some ash and we wanted to see the powers of the fire with those dry branches and those very few leaves which where left. We have the picture from that tree. We gave it ash and on the third day the dry branches became something like warts and days later some pellets appeared, which were tiny lemons. With the time the tree gained vigor again and new leaves come up. When we asked doctor Abel why first the fruits and then the leaves, he told us that the energy acts on the fruits. Then we saw some videos made with cases like that in Panama.

We had a Homa resonance point activated on our farm, where we grew rugula. The same Italians were astonished about our magnificent rugula, which comes originally from Italy. They had never seen plants this size before.

The children doing Tryambakam Homa

Then we stopped with the Homa Therapy fires and the plants returned to their normal size and some even stopped growing completely.

One of the ladies that came to the great pyramid gathering took for a girl that was since fifteen days sick in bed, some Agnihotra ash. After taking the ash, from one day to the next, the girl got up and said to feel perfectly.

My wife is separated from her earlier husband and twenty years ago they had made their distribution of goods. We lived on the farm in quite precarious condition, that was the time when Aleta and Abel came and made the fires of prosperity right here. Curiously, the following day my business closed and I asked Dr. Abel: 'What is happening with this fire? He calmed me down saying: Well, that's most probably not the way it will come. Fifteen days later we received a phone call saying that forty thousand dollars have been deposited by the ex-husband from the 200 thousand of the separation. A week later, my family called to give me the whole property in exchange for the actions I had in the company. It was this way that in one month we were navigating in prosperity. The things that happened to us are incredible."