DNI : 23792378
Amazonas, Peru


  • Backache

  • Coughing clots

  • Abdominal Pain (spleen)

  • Knee Trauma

"Since 1982 (now 2000) I was coughing clots. I have been to the doctor, taken pills, received injections, gargled many solutions, used herbs and had even acupuncture sessions. None of this helped. I also had some abdominal pain in the left side. I was told to have a problem with my spleen. I had a knee trauma, since I fell with the motorcycle and injured myself. I was dragging my foot. I could not jump, bend the leg well, or play football. But then I started taking the Agnihotra ash and doing some of the Homa Therapy fires. Now I do not have these problems any more and I feel like 25, even so I am in my mid forties.
My wife was suffering from strong backache. She had gone to the doctor many times and was taking pain killers, but the pain continued. She could not even sleep. Then I got for her a Yantram and a Holy Sand, which she wears. Now she is sleeping, and the backache has considerably decreased."