Mercedes Hortensia Palomino Valderama
Calle Libertad # 135
Piura, Peru
L.E. 02631752


  • Marital

  • Depression

  • Asthma

  • Attitude

"My name is Mercedes; I want to relate my personal experiences with Homa Therapy. In the month of May 2001 my life was shaken and shivered by two sad facts: One, the loss of my mother and the other, very serious marital problems.
None of both could I overcome. I entered in a process of very deep depression. I first went to a psychologist and received some help, which only lasted for few days. I lived with desperation, anguish and cried day and night. So I visited another psychologist, but that was of no use at all. My life continued almost worse. I went to a psychiatrist, who listened to me a lot and at the same time prescribed me many medications that I didn't buy. I was told to read books, those that devoured, but my life continued equally miserably. I lost a lot of weight, I had no appetite. My nervousness increased and after a test I was diagnosed with severe depression.
Luckily I returned to Yoga, a practice which I had abandoned many years ago.
In this Yoga school I was received by Mrs. Clara Zapata with a lot of affection. I liked her discretion. She didn't ask me anything, but she sensed my difficulties and invited me to attend the Homa Therapy healing sessions. And I give thanks to God and to her, because, since I started attending the sessions in the month of August 2001, I felt a very big change in my life, already after the first few days. After one week my face, which had not seen a smile during all this time, smiled again. It changed, my hard look disappeared.
The situation with my husband has improved remarkable: He now never misses the lunch, he is always punctual in the house after the work and we have much better communication.
Afterwards I was told and described how I was when I first arrived:
Thin, with bitterness, I didn't support people; it bothered me when they spoke to me. And I have never been this way. I was always gentile, affectionate and conversationalist. But all this I had forgotten through the pain. I can say now that I am the same friendly person once again. I don't cry. I don't have strong anguishes. I am more serene and feel more self secure.
I bought my pyramid and I make the Agnihotra fires at home, especially to help my son, who suffered from very strong and chronic asthma. He drank a lot with his 30 years of age. Now, after doing the Homa Therapy with me and taking the Agnihotra ash, I see that he no longer drinks and neither has he had asthma attacks. He also thinks now of saving money to make his master degree and he says that he can no longer waste his salary. This sounds like glory, since I never heard him say anything so beautiful. I am surprised, because in his circle of friends are drinkers and he never could say no to an invitation. Now he still meets with them, but he drinks water and says that he needs to take care of his health because he wants to advance in his studies. He is a qualified technician at Senati, he is instructor and has graduated form university in company administration."