Barrio Jose Restrepo
Cra 64 N 258
Ph: 87857751
  • Premature Birth
  • Heart Problems

"I am a grandmother of 5 year old twins. My granddaughters were premature babies and they lived for five and a half months between the hospital and home. I started to do the Homa Therapy because one of the babies was in real bad shape. She received oxygen at the hospital. We gave the baby Agnihotra ash. After two months we took the baby home, but the doctors did not guarantee anything. Nobody knew if she was going to survive.
Now she is 5 years old and she is doing very well, she is studying and she feels extremely good. 

I suffered from heart problems, I had pains and felt bad. With the fires of Homa Therapy I don't get sick any more, I work and everything is fine. Homa Therapy has alleviated me. When I see people with health problems I tell them about my experience, what I achieved with the fires of Homa Therapy, especially in the recovery of health."