Mario Aguilar and his wife Gaby

Mario Aguilar
CI: 5180674-3
Coquimbo, Chile
Tel. 051-328 536

Some experiences with 
Homa  Therapy

"My name is Mario Aguilar. I am married with Gaby and we have 4 children Mario, Marcela, Rafael and Maria Elisa. In Shree's name my family and me want to give greetings. May love, peace and bliss be with everybody through Agnihotra.
My family and I are practicing Agnihotra since over 20 years. Since that time we also practice the discipline Tryambakam. One of the first experiences I remember was regarding my car. I am a Taxi driver and my car had 980.000 km and I never had to change anything on my car. I never had to change any rings, never did I have to change anzthing. The only repair I ever had to do were the brakes, the brake liquid and the oil change with it's filter. I contribute this to the fact that I listened in the car constantly to the tape of the Tryambakam Mantras, the 4 am Mantras and the 5 am Mantras. Always after Agnihotra I start working. I think and feel that the chants had an influence on the elements which compose the vehicle and on many people riding with my car. 
Once a lady entered the car, her name is Olga Munisala. She is the secretary of a Military officer of the 4th legion. She asked me to drive her as fast as possible to the clinic, because of her health condition. Her column hurt and she was told that she has an deviation of her column. I had to help her into the car, it was early morning and she was my first passenger that day. I felt in that instant that this lady would get better.  It took approx. 20 min to get to her doctor's place, but to her surprise, when she got out of the car she did not feel any pain at all, she moved her column in all directions, stretched, bent etc. And she could not believe it. No pain at all! I told her that this was the effect of the Agnihotra Fire. She didn't feel no need any longer to see her doctor and to my knowledge up till today she has not visited him again and this happened a long time ago. Sometimes she waits for me and we talk and she introduces some of her friends to me who also have all kinds of different problems.
Then I had an experience with a friend of mine who's son had pneumonia. My friend had spend very much money on the medical treatment of his son and was in deep financial problems. He said that he had nothing left to sell in order to buy more medicines: "It looks like I'll have to sell my house and my car and move into a cheaper area outside the city." He was carrying a box of medicines with him. I told him that I have had good experiences regarding health problems with an ash, which is called Agnihotra ash and comes from the Agnihotra Homa. I was carrying a little empty film roll box of ash with me and told him: "Take this. You and your son will take every hour a fingertip full of this ash and before the week is over he will be perfectly well. Take the medicine you bought put it some place and don't open the box." He looked at me and said: "This medicine cost me a ton of money." I told him that this in not of importance. Since we are good friends for a long time he trusted me and took the ash home. After 3 days already he told me that his son is able to run, that his appetite has returned, he is practicing sports and he is wonderfully well. He asked me for some more ash for his wife, who was suffering with her nervous system. He took ash for his wife, which also gave a splendid result. I was curious about the expensive medicine he had bought and asked him where it was and he answered that he still has the unopened box. So I told him that we should go and look for it and see what we can do with it. The pharmacy, where he had bought the medicines with his credit card took the medicines back and he could save this money.
Not long after that there was another passenger who had heard from other people that I sing the Mantras and she waited for me and said that she has terrible pain in her kidneys. She had been to the doctor, who told her that she might have some column problems or maybe kidney stones and also that her unborn son, she was the 6th month pregnant, was in an incorrect position. She asked me for some ash and I told her that I have the ash at home and I will bring it to her later. The same day I brought her the Agnihotra ash and she was concerned if the ash would harm her unborn baby. I told her that in no way it would harm the baby, in fact it will benefit the baby. Three, four days later she was waiting for me and said: "Mario, I only want to give you my thanks and I want to show you this." What she hold in her hands were 3 stones in the size of a rice grain. The ash had taken the quality to float out the stones of her kidneys. When she went to the doctor the same day, she was told that the baby was fine and had again taken it's original position. 
Another of the good memories I have with the Agnihotra ash was with Mr. Lorenzo Munoz, he is a car mechanic. He has a lot of good equipment in his store, a strong man. He had a disease that made him loose daily almost 2 kg of weight. You can imagine what it means to see a healthy, strong person, who is loosing weight daily, getting weaker and slowing down. He told me that he had consulted several doctors and no one could find the origin of this disease. Inclusively he had to travel to Santiago, the capital of Chile, 460 km away to have the examinations done. I told him not to travel anywhere, that I will carry him an ash named Agnihotra ash and that this ash will help him. His wife asked me if she needs have to have faith in that kind of treatment. I told her "No, maybe you have faith, but also maybe you do not have faith, healing with Agnihotra ash is a scientific fact and your faith is of no importance. You take the ash and with or without faith you will get better equally. The only thing you have to do is to take the ash, a pinch of it every three hours. Take it into your mouth and drink some water and watch how you will get better." This happened on a Wednesday and on the following Monday Lorenzo was supposed to travel to Santiago. He took ash on Wednesday, Thursday and on Friday already he could eat normally, was integrated into his work again. On Saturday he went to his doctor to get the final tests before leaving to Santiago and be interned to a clinic there. The doctor did some last examinations and could not understand how this man got that much better in such a short time. They postponed his trip to Santiago for one week. I told him to continue to take ash during this time and after one week he was completely well and there was no need for him to be hospitalized in Santiago. Through the intake of the Agnihotra ash he has completely recuperated his health.
Another example I would like to mention is that of Mr. Jose Torre who is 70 years old and lives across the road. Everyday his sons take him in a chair outside so he can get a little sun. When I left my house in the morning to start my work, I told him: "Neighbor I have a pomade which will help you with your legs." He said: "My good little neighbor what should I do with your pomade? I've tried everything and nothing has helped me. I have rheumatism and arthritis and I just cannot walk anymore." Well, some days passed and then we met again outside my door. And again I told him that I have a pomade which will help him and again he said, no and etc. Like this it happened quite a few times till one day he said: "O.K. bring me your pomade." I said: "Listen you don't need to take the pomade just so I won't bother you any longer." He replied: "No if I say I'll try, I will." The pomade is made with washed ghee and ash. I told him to put the pomade every night on his knee and put some bandage around, so the sheets won't get dirty. Not a week passed when my wife told me that our neighbor came walking to our house and told her several times: "Look neighbor how I am, look neighbor how I am! Now I can even invite you to dance."
One of my personal experiences was when my daughter, who is now 18 years old was only 12 years old and fell down a ladder and cut her face horrible. From half her face the skin was gone. Since I was not at home when the accident happened she was brought right away to the hospital and received a regular emergency treatment. When I came home she was all covered with bandage, I could only see her eyes. She begged me that I put ash on her face. With very much love and attention I took off the bandage. I was shocked to see her like this and tears ran down my face. I washed her face with distilled water and then I applied the Agnihotra ash creme. I put a cabbage leave over the ash and banded it up again. This treatment or cure I applied 2 times per day for one week. After one week I did not need to continue this treatment any longer, because she healed completely. Not a single spot, not a single scar was left, no infection, nothing, everything healed wonderfully. She is a beautiful daughter. 
We can not only say that this Agnihotra ash works on diseases we see, it also works on diseases we do not recognize. For example I have a nephew, where no doctor could explain why his right foot was swollen. He is 19 years old, likes to play football and plays in the first division of Chile. Due to his swollen leg he had to give up football and he had to give up his work, because he could not stand more than 15 or 20 minutes on his legs without having very strong pain. He consulted every doctor possible. Being in the first football team he had access to the best doctors, but no one could find the origin of his problem. When he talked to me about his problem, I told him that I have an ash and that this ash is going to help him. I went to his house with lots of Agnihotra ash and indicated how to take the ash. It did not pass very much time till he was able to walk again normally, he could get back his job and now is again practicing football. What he had I don't know and also the doctors never found out. But we do know what brought back his health. It was the healing effect of the Agnihotra ash, which he took every hour the amount that stays on a wet finger tip and he still continues to take it, because he feels very well. 
At this time a clinic exists in La Serena, which is called "Vida Sana" (Healthy Life). In this clinic we work together with Dr. Douglous, Dr. Copeta, Dr. Kimo, a Psychologist named Jimena and a Yoga Professor Sisi regarding the recuperation of patients with chronic diseases and young people, who find themselves in difficult circumstances and are prone to drugs. The results we had with the application of Agnihotra ash and the practice of the Agnihotra fire where so good, that now the ash is also used in the Hospital of La Serena, named "Security Hospital for the Worker". This is a building which extends over a block, has 5 levels and has hundreds of patients staying there. In all the medical trays they carry the Agnihotra ash to give to the patients. They have made scientific studies with patients via diapositives showing effects of the Agnihotra ash on wounds, which healed faster and without inflammations etc. They do sterilize the ash in an autoclave for hospital security. The ash is recognized as an official medicine in that hospital. This is another confirmation of the powerful healing effects of the Agnihotra ash.
I would like to say that I have so many experiences with the ash through so many different people who have used the ash, sometimes I don't even ask for their names. You can heal anything with this marvelous Agnihotra ash."