Maria of the Angeles Tito Linan
Lima, Peru
Tel.: 485 1246


  • Allergic Rhinitis
"I am 50 years old. I suffered for more or less 20 years of allergic rhinitis. I have gone to many doctors and they have always prescribed antibiotics and antihistamines, but I did not find any cure. About 6 months ago I was told in the allergy program of the Hospital Rebagliati that the allergy I have to dust and humidity doesn't have a cure and that everything is psychological. Thanks to Dr. Cotillo's invitation I have come to Homa Therapy and have assisted so far in 9 sessions. Since 5 days I do not take any type of antihistamines and I feel well and relaxed. The main thing is that I do not have any more the nasal secretion, which I had all the time, if I did not take the antihistamines. But now nothing. Once in a while a sneeze and a little bit of secretion when chopping an onion. I want to continue with Homa Therapy and I think if we do it with love, we will all benefit, as I did thanks to God."