Piura, Peru


  • Pain in the bones
  • Headache
  • Nervous problems
  • Insomnia
"I am 42 years old. I suffered from pain in the bones of my legs, my head hurt, I could not get out of bed without the help of my children. Then I heard about the Homa Therapy program and I have been coming now for one month. Already after 10 days I felt the improvement. I got up alone from bed, I could eat by myself and the pains in my head and in my bones stopped. Now I feel well, eat well and sleep well. I no longer suffer of insomnia, I have recovered from the nervous problem, I am calm and happy. I regularly take the Agnihotra ash and particpate in the healing fires in the hospital Cayetano Heredia of Castilla, Piura. I feel so much better. I recommend everyone to come and to start feeling better, above all united with Christ in faith. I come alone and by free will and I give my testimony because I feel the improvement. I feel truly calm."