Marco Sierra Lozada
Mangomarca Alta
Lima, Peru
Phone: 459-2980 cel: 970-00924


  • Distress
  • No toe movement
  • Hyperactivity
  • Learning dysfunction
  • Sinusitis
"I am working since 30 years for Essalud, the Public Health institution.
I have attended Homa Therapy over 10 times so far and I have been able to verify that mainly my character has improved. I am no longer distressed, I feel very well and I sleep very well.
I had the problem that I could not resist sleep after lunch and in some opportunity I have been falling asleep in the car in front of a traffic light. Already on the second day with Homa Therapy I did no more feel the urge for sleep after lunch, in fact it maintains me lucid the whole day. At night I have a very deep sleep.
Another thing I realized is that I could not move or bend the big toe of the right foot for 7 years, since an accident. Last Saturday, stretching out in my bed, I realized that it could move the toe.

I have a hyperactive daughter with a learning dysfunction and she is now improving a lot.
I do the healing fires at home and with my mother. She had a sinusitis problem and now the mucous has changed. It was always yellowish and came with some kind of secretion, but now it is completely crystalline. She is very happy and I recommend that all people with any kind of ailment come to Homa Therapy."