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3rd Degree Burn

"I am 37 years old. I began to attend the fires of Homa Therapy one week ago and now I start doing them in my home together with my family. I am using the Agnihotra creme to treat some wounds, which I have from a third degree burn in my right hand and leg. I was told to have an implant done, but I didn't want. The doctor told me that this will take at least a year and a half for the burn to cure and the developed colloids, because I did not wear immediately the glove, will most probably not heal. I have gone through many treatments, like injections, which were affecting my kidneys and I had to abstain from them. I also began to apply neural therapy, twice a week. I took care not to eat meat, salt and I took a lot of care of external hygiene in order to help to reestablish the skin. I also consulted another doctor, and was told that it is necessary to wait another one and a half year before a costly (US $ 2,000 to 3,000) laser operation can be done and that that was the only alternative I have. I have used cremes that were recommended to me, I used the glove and still no improvement in eight months. 
Now I apply Agnihotra ash only since one week and I have already seen a lot of recovery from the colloid. In this few days I can really notice a change, even my family can see it. Today I visited the doctor and she also saw, that the colloid part in my hand was stronger before and that it is becoming better. I already have more agility in my hand and in my fingers, which were scorched and I was not able to move them. 

Beside this I have had problems, starting two years ago, of legal character with a very important person in the media, through my work. This problem has affected my whole family and we were very sad and the depression was such that we had to find an alternative to keep going. I was in search for advice and I looked deeper into religion. 
Now that I have come to Homa Therapy because of my burn, also emotionally my life has changed 180 degrees. On the third day of practicing Homa Therapy Homa I was able to really sleep. Because of that insomnia problem I had to leave my studies. Now, thanks God, I am here in front of you and feel the obligation to give a testimony, not only regarding my personal health, but also regarding my person, because I feel different, I am changed. "

Magali Pareja 8 months with 3rd degree burn

Magali Pareja after 3 months of Homa Therapy