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  • Backache and Stomach pain 
  • Bad temper 
  • Behavior of children 
"Since I started to participate in the Agnihotra fire and take Agnihotra ash, I feel very calm. I suffered with stomach pain and backache for a long time. Taking the Agnihotra ash alleviated me of all this problems and no nothing hurts at all. 
I have had very nice experiences with Homa Therapy. One of them is, that the children with whom I work became very calm and I am also behaving very well with them. Before I had some bad temper, not that I was rude, but I had a bad temper. When I began to take the Agnihotra ash, I felt calmer, peaceful. The children also take the ash regularly with honey and when some gets out of hand, I give them at once the Agnihotra ash and they calm down. I also use the Agnihotra ash in the kitchen; I put it in the beans and pastries that I prepare."