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Family Problems
Observation with Birds and Plants

"I came to know about Homa Therapy through the newspaper. It was introduced as a Healing Therapy, which could also be applied in agriculture. I was interested to know more about this science, so I called and was told to come in the afternoon for sunset. There, people explained me the effects of Agnihotra and from the first experience on I liked it a lot. I got myself a pyramid, dried cow dung, etc. I like the fact, that the ingredients are all natural, like the Ghee (clarified cow's butter without salt), the dung, the integral rice and the copper, which is a conductor and the Mantras. Later on I learned how to prepare Ghee myself. Basically what Agnihotra has given me is an occupation or activity that balances me, it is something very good and I have felt a change. At that time I was without a job, but things started to happen in a very particular way and I was able to find work. Also at home, the discussions and fights between my wife, our son and me stopped. Agnihotra created a calm atmosphere that now even the little birds come and I know each one of them from seeing them so often. 
In this type of activity or science you don't need to have faith. As I was told, the Homa Therapy attracts healing energy. Imagine all the good things we can share with each other! Whenever I get a chance I do recommend Agnihotra and I practice it one time with the people. If they are not interested, I do not mention it again. There is no time to lose. 
I agree that Homa Therapy cannot be used to do something bad, it does not work. Rather it does protect from negative things. I have seen it with my mother. Other people have bothered my mother, she did not know who they were, but they followed her in old cars and closed her path off and forced her to make sudden brakes. One of her dogs was killed. We did not know why and also we really did not believe her too much, until one day my grandfather called and asked me to go search for my mother. When I found her, they had again locked her in. My mother was scared. But since I do Agnihotra all this has stopped at once. 
One day while doing Triambakam I leaned out the window towards the park and I saw about seventy or eighty doves sitting on the telephone line. I had never ever seen that before in my life. 
I do the Homa Therapy on the terrace and in about eight or ten meters distance is a very big eucalyptus tree that is between thirty and thirty five meters high. That tree was the first one to flower in the whole park. The plants in my house are always flowering almost the whole year, what doesn't happen to the plants of my friends. 
With regard to the ointment of Agnihotra ash mixed with ghee, which I prepare myself, I had an opportunity to give it to one of my workers, so he could apply it on the eruptions and grains that his two daughters suffered from. He told me that they had seen a doctor, but that his girls did not receive any improvement from his treatment. Some time later I asked him about his daughters and he told me, that their problems had disappeared with the Agnihotra creme. 
Another time my son hit his hand hard and only stopped screaming after I applied the Agnihotra ointment. I also apply this cream around my eyes and mouth. 
Recently, I ran out of gas on the highway on a spot, where the cars drive with high velocity, the traffic was flowing. Anyway, I achieved that some people helped me, but for that to happen, I had to walk towards the center of the highway to indicate my emergency, which was very dangerous. The surprising thing was, that a car accident happened just a few meters from the spot I was, but thanks to the protection with the Yantram, I left unhurt und untouched."