Lucy Correa M.
Capullanas F-45
Piura, Peru
Tel: 074 360512


  • Deep Depression

"I was having a lot of problems at home and at work, which were creating continuos stress. That brought a very unknown disease to me: Depression. Some of the symptoms I was showing were: headaches, frustration, hating everyone, wanting to be by myself, becoming introverted, Insomnia. 
I just simple wanted to die. If I will fall asleep, I would have nightmares. I simply had a lot of fear, unexplainable fear. I was going from one medical doctor to the next. From one specialist to the next. Just taking anti-depressives and sedative pills. I just felt out of control. Thanks God I have a friend, who told me about Agnihotra. So I went to the Homa Therapy session. At the beginning, in the first Agnihotra session I was very worried, because I saw these pyramids with fire and a great deal of smoke and I was afraid to get an allergic reaction, of which I also suffered from. But nothing happened, there was no allergic reaction at all. Gradually through the daily practice of these healing fires I have been getting better and better to the point, that I now feel very strong. I want to work, my mind is very alert, I do not have any headaches and I feel harmony within myself. I just want to be an Instrument of God and let the light shine within."