Carrera 15 #15-105 Nogal 16
Bogota Chia
ID Number : 20303280
Ph: 8623560
  • Knee pains
"I want to tell you my testimony that has left me astonished. Yesterday I learned about the Agnihotra ash and the healing fires. Later, at my mom's house I met with my sister, who has problems with her knees since quite some time. She had been operated three times from chondromalacia and was suffering a lot of pain lately, which made her sad. Then it got worse and she could not move her leg. Yesterday, immediately I took the Agnihotra ash and told her with all my faith: apply this ash and it will heal you. She had some concern that the ash would stain her clothes. But after applying the ash she began to feel better. Twenty-four hours later I asked her how her knees were. She came closer and told me: 'I am well, I applied the ash three times.' Now, I just called her to ask how she was doing and she told me: 'I am happy, the pain has not come back and I plan to apply the ash tonight again'."