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  • Infertility
  • Bad Temper
  • Alcohol
  • Fighter
  • Womanizer
"I met with the Homa Therapy in the year 1998 and I began to practice the fires. I was then a complete different person than what I am today. I was a drunk, fighter and womanizer. Everything you can imagine, but nothing good. All changes were provoked when I started with the fires of Agnihotra and the Tryambakam. All what is left now, is my consciousness about those times.
I cannot return to the liquor, it does no longer go with me. Neither will I be able to get drunk every day of the week like before, because that stage is overcome thanks to the Agnihotra fire and to God, who is always the mediator.
Now at home there is so much harmony, one lives better, there is not so much tension.
After all, being drunk is not being in the best position to give orders to a worker. One does not give them in due form and then the worker does not fulfill his job in a due form either.
Our whole situation has improved with the practice of Agnihotra.

Another great experience is that I have three children, a daughter that turned 24 years and is studying Biology and a 20 year-old son that is also studying in the university. After them we decided that not to have any further children and my wife had her trumpets tied. We supposed that we would not have further family. Starting with the fires and after the earthquake which happened here in Armenia, my wife was pregnant. What a great surprise for all! And what came into our family is the most beautiful thing there is in my life. She is a beautiful girl, called Sofía. She is a very special being in her qualities and capacities, all the love that she brings and infuses all around her. She is a girl, very beautiful, very divine. Starting with that moment the change was big. She is a very intelligent being, she does things that other children her age normally do not do. She converses on any topic and uses terms that we don't know where she has taken them. She likes the Agnihotra fire a lot and knows the Mantrams. Sometimes she reminds us when we get close to the hour of the Agnihotra."