Lily Cuculiza de Schaefer
Piura, Peru
Tel: 074-323914


  • Allergy

"I had an allergy for about two years; I was tired of taking so many medicines such as injections, cortisones, etc. I also went to the US  where the doctors prepared special allergy injections. But I was still sick. I could not sleep and I was waking up constantly to cough and scratch myself. I had nausea. My eyes were tearing. I had to take some medical syrup so I could sleep and stop coughing. But all this medicines affected my digestive system. So I chose to give them up and let everything in God's hands. I thought that HE had to cure me.
So I was guided to the Agnihotra Healing Fire. After the fires (Agnihotra) I sleep quietly. If I wake up it is just one time and I don't have any allergies nor I feel like coughing. Thanks God, I found the Homa Therapy, which I practice regularly ion my home."