Libertad Agurto Plata
Ave. Vice A-54
Urb. Talara
Piura, Peru
Tel: 074-321805


  • Arthritis
  • Addiction to Smoking 
  • Bad Humor

"My experience with Homa Therapy started two months ago. At that time I had a very bad cold (with fever) for two days. Then a relative told me about Homa Therapy. So I went to the Homa Therapy session and I felt and slept better the same night. The next day I was happily expectorating a lot of phlegm. After only four days I was o.k. Normally the recovery would take me one to two weeks. This was a real surprise.
I got excited and I went daily to the Homa Therapy sessions. So I asked Dr. Hernandez if there was anything else to increase my willpower to do what I knew was good for me. He offered me a Yantram (copper plate with a certain geometric design, charged with pranic energies) and I feel that the Yantram really supports me.
I was surprised to see how my desire for smoking stopped after just a short time. I had smoked for 25 years and I could not even promise my father on his deathbed that I would stop smoking. He died on lung cancer and he has been a heavy smoker. Now, I  understand why people who don't like someone smoking nearby.
The Homa Therapy helps me with many things. My arthritic pain has diminished greatly and I can move at ease now. In church I can even go on my knees again. 
Thanks to the Homa Therapy that I am practicing daily at sunrise and sunset, my family has overcome and healed problems. There is much more harmony. My daughter used to compare me with a sergeant, because I had such a strong character. But, this has changed. Before I had a hart time smiling, but it is easy now. I feel relaxed, think better, and give myself some time to meditate and breathe consciously. I am very happy!"