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  • Pain in the Column
  • Insomnia


"I am 24 years old. For a long time I had problems with my column but I didn't give it much importance. I could not sleep well and my situation got worse, when I hit my head. That was when I began having serious problems and I didn't treat them until the day  I woke up with a stiff neck. I went to a doctor, but the treatment was not giving the desired results. Rather the opposite, the pain increased, it was like a burning. I was in unbearable pain, I could not sleep. The incessant pain was through the deviation of the fifth and sixth cervical vertebra, which the doctor verified through a resonance. Then the doctor prescribed me antibiotics but without success. I became addicted to pills and I was on the edge of suicide. Thanks God, my desperate husband who did not know any more how to help me, brought me to Doctor Jaime Montufar, who practices the natural Homa Therapy of the Ayurvedic Medicine. The fires of Agnihotra helped me to relax and to be able to sleep again. The fires we are practicing now at home help us to feel better. I am a little emotional because I suffered from this problem a long time, but I know that if I continue doing the healing fires I will recover completely."