• Vesicular Litiasis
  • Constant dizziness
Dr. Montufar:
"The present is a case of vesicular litiasis (gall bladder stone) and therefore the patient was in pain, a colic type pain in the right side. The patient underwent a complete Homa treatment and he took additionally some B complex and received acupuncture. Lets listen to the patient himself."

Mr. Julio Ramirez:
"When I came I was in a bad shape with dizziness. All I ate in the evening harmed me. If I ate something heavy during the day, I got immediately diarrhea and was constantly dizzy. I am a photographer and I work in different schools. At that time the oath of flag was given and I had to be present, but I was constantly dizzy. Then I decided to visit the doctor, and the treatment I received healed me, I could continue my work peacefully. At the moment I still follow the rules the doctor gave me, because of the excellent results."