Cusco, Peru

Spiritual Transformation

"We are now 4 people who have the Agnihotra pyramid. The power that the Homa Therapy irradiates is incredible. At the beginning it was me alone doing the Agnihotra fire every morning and some afternoons. Then I began to find people that walked more or less a similar path, looking for that something for which we feel necessity from inside. And one day they participated in the Agnihotra and they stuck to it as I had in the beginning. Then, as more people participated more people came to know Homa Therapy.

Every time I arranged for a spiritual retreat, where I went with friends to spend in general the night in isolated places as mountains, lagoons, forests, we did Agnihotra in the moment of the sunset and sunrise. I could see how we no longer were the same people, I could even say, how we no longer were people, but beings that formed one single being. Many met the Homa Therapy in these places far from their houses and their daily routine and I believe that being alone with themselves really opened up their hearts and made it easier to feel that energy. Of all those who made with me the Homa Therapy 4 already have their pyramid. It was an adventure getting them. But now each one of them does Agnihotra in their house together with their families, neighbors and friends and for sure it is going to grow.

The other day, a lady that cures with her hands and does healings through angels, gave me the surprise that she also had the Agnihotra pyramid with all the accessories.
Have it present in your mind and heart that here in Cusco are people working for humanity's well-being, although nobody knows. Wishing you all the best I say goodbye until next time. May God bless you."