Jose Antonio Rengifo Martin
Jesus Maria
Lima , Peru


  • Alcoholism
"I am over 40 years old. I came to this Therapy thanks to my sister and my mother. I brought them and I stayed watching. At the second Homa Therapy it began to work in me. I have been a heavy alcoholic. I have been drinking since many years from the moment I got up until dark. He could not sleep, so I took daily at night 2 bottles of rum in order to sleep.

I saw that Homa Therapy has an effect in me. Instead of the two bottles of rum at night, I only drank one. I continued attending the Homa meetings and taking the Agnihotra ash. Then I got my own pyramid to practice the fire of Agnihotra. I began to lower the alcohol and then a moment arrived where I could sleep placidly at night without alcohol, without pills or any other thing consecutively for two or three days. Then came my birthday and I did not drink anything, not a sip; people were astonished. After one and a half weeks, I stopped drinking. Although I had a fallback, not with rum, but with beer, but with little. Before I did not know when to stop. Now it is two and a half weeks that I come to the Homa Therapy and I can say that I have not been drinking since one week. I have been praying, I am making new Christian friends and new Homa friends. I feel very well.

This Therapy helps me to get rid of the different bad habits which are alcohol, cigarettes and other stimulants."