Eng. Jorge Sandoval Moscol
Calle Huascar 2306
Chiclayito, Castilla
Piura, Peru


  • Diabetes
  • Family stress
  • sick plants
"I am an Engineer in Animal Husbandry and recently turned 50 years of age. I was born in the Talara County, on the coastal are of north Peru.
One year and seven months ago I lost my work as coordinator in an international project of technical cooperation and I stayed unemployed like so many here in this country, where it really is a privilege to have work.
I have 4 boys and one of them, the oldest of sixteen years entered University and the other ones are to finish their primary and secondary studies. All the problems and the concerns I had predisposed me to getting sick and I was diagnosed with Diabetes, having a glucose level of 348 in my blood.
My friend from Lima told me that Dr. Abel Hernandez is in Piura with the Homa Therapy and accidentally the very same day the teacher Vasant Paranjpe, like other voluntary professionals came to Piura to carry out healing sessions in the Club Grau. I attended and thanks God, my "New Life" began right there. I continued attending the Homa Therapy sessions parallel to my glucose controls. Today I am with a glucose level of less than 100 and the queasiness has almost completely disappeared. The healing effect of this old medicinal healing science is incredible. It makes that mind, body and environment become part of a healing solar energy field and that by means of a connection with the magnetic type field a healthy state not only for the human being, but also for animals and plants is achieved.
I was able to acquire the Agnihotra materials and now we practice it at home with the whole family, because I am convinced that the copper pyramid of the Homa Therapy emanates a lot of healing energy. Now I feel healthy and live a normal life with my wife and my four children. I practice Homa Therapy since approximately five months and the difficult situations have disappeared. Before I was very nervous and had problems with my children. Today I am a very calm man and take life with love and patience, which works for the best of all. I have a strong energy to continue my life and to achieve for my children a professional education, so they can be good men for the development of this country that is in need of people, healthy in body, soul and heart. Agnihotra facilitates to react with love, it revitalizes our skin, it renovates cerebral cells, and it purifies the blood, bringing us closer to a holistic lifestyle.
I also want to say that I am a very happy man. I feel in my best times, and with other professionals we have created our own self sufficient ecological project.
My ornamental plants have improved very well with Homa Therapy treatment. They were affected by a virus. My plants received the Agnihotra ash and today they are healthy and flourishing. Always during watering I talk with them and it seems that they express a lot of life and happiness. This experience also strengthens my trust in Homa Therapy."