Jorge Oliva Castillo
Consuelo de Velasco M13L8 - Los Geranios
Piura, Peru
Tel. 074 - 302996
DNI 02612080


  • Glaucoma
  • Asthma
  • Muscular Pains
  • Wounds
  • Stomach Paina
I" suffered of severe asthma from birth. I also had muscular pains and wounds on the skin. It suffered of Glaucoma (problem in the view). I had stomach problems, gases, indigestion, etc.
I have been curing myself practicing the healing fires (Agnihotra), and prescribing myself their ash and Ghee. Now after 8 months with Homa Therapy I am practically healthy. The doctor has been surprised about the results, including the healing of the Asthma and of the Glaucoma, which disappeared completely.
My 14 year-old niece had fungi stains on her wrist, which did not heal with the ointments and creams prescribed by the dermatologist. I applied her Agnihotra ash prepared with Ghee for 6 days and after that she was completely healed.
I have also seen how the Yantrams stop pains."

  • Behaviour
  • Studies in School

"My grandson Carlito is 10 years old and also practices these healing fires. He has improved his behavior remarkable and has the best grades in the school. (Only "A's").
At the moment my grandson and I are sharing these medicinal fires with many relatives in different places of Peru."