• Emotional problems in the family
  • Arthrosis
"I am an evangelic pastor and together with my wife we run an educational center here in Guayaquil. It is called 'Educational Unit Manuel Camizares'. During the time I studied for the licence degree I had an accident in which, beside others, my knee was hit. That happened more or less thirty years ago. Now that I am sixty, an illness has started to due this. I have pain in my bones, the knee sounds when I sit down or when I get up, like an old chair. I have gone to multiple well known doctors and they have prescribed me numberless injections and pills, however I continued to limp. Then on top of this a family problem of emotional character occurred, another downfall for me. After that I came through my daughter Dorita Maria, who is studying medicine, to Dr. Gilbert, when he still worked at the Clinic of Guayaquil. I was skeptical towards these fires, I believed that it was just a lie. But I had the opportunity to come to know them and with the time I improved and now I no longer limp, I walk well. The emotional aspect that I had with my wife - we were able to overcome it and I have reinserted myself in my home. It was a very hard and difficult time, but all human beings sometimes fall and slide.
Here we are learning to love, to understand and to feel human, because simply through this fire and his healing smoke we feel the peace, we feel the cordiality."