Eng. Jorge Luis Calle Ortega
San Lorenzo
Piura, Peru


  • Skin Fungi

  • Smoke Addiction

  • Cardiac Arrhythmia

"My mother used to have a big, dark spot with fungi infection for 28 years on her leg. She applied the Agnihotra ash with ghee and in less than 15 days the fungi disappeared, even the dark color of the spot. My sister had a similar fungi problem, but her infection was growing rapidly. With Homa Therapy it was cured in one week. My brother also had fungi for 8 years. Now he has applied the Agnihotra ash and the problem is practically gone. He used to have a lot of itching on his foot, when he had to use shoes for more than 3 hours. Now it is completely normal and he can use closed shoes and everything is fine. My father has been smoking for more than 35 years. Now with Homa Therapy he reduced the dose, he smokes just 2 cigarettes daily. Before he used to smoke 35 to 40 cigarettes daily. He was very thin, now he eats a little more and he has more energy. He goes around in the fields, which he could not do before. He is more active and he is one of the first, sitting around the Agnihotra Pyramid for the fires. He also used to have cardiac problems due to the excessive cigarette smoking, but now he has this problem no longer."