• Arthrosis
  • Rheumatic fever
Dr. Montufar:
"The patient is a case of hemolytic beta streptococcus that has caused an arthrosis seemingly together with a rheumatic fever; but thanks to the treatment with Homa Therapy the patient has recovered tremendously in approximately two weeks."

Janet Isabel Olvera Franco:
"I am 38 years old. I had problems with my bones, they hurt a lot and now thanks God and thanks to the Doctor I feel very well and calm. Since I was seventeen I suffered from this and now I am 38 years old. My right hand was swollen and I could not touch anything wet, when I washed some clothes, I spent a horrible night, my hands hurt a lot and I always complained. I attend the Homa Therapy fires since one and a half months and I also take the Agnihotra ash. Before this I also didn't sleep well. I spent the night awake and since I come for the Homa treatment I sleep well until the following day. I told my family about this too. I come almost daily to participate in the Homa Therapy."