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            Personal Growth

"To sit beside the Agnihotra fire at such an early hour like sunrise demands a certain discipline. I don't generally have the habit of getting up at these hours. But the effort is compensated, one has to experience it, it is something very personal and beautiful. As time passes by one tries to become more perfect, little by little. I have noticed that one becomes more tolerant. It really is like Teacher Vasant says - one learns to react to everything with love. 
And having this, one can enjoy good health. Although things might happen to someone in the family or to oneself - there is another way of looking and reacting to it through the change in the attitude. There are things in life that are sometimes dramatic, but it seems that the practice of the fires makes us more peaceful, more tolerant and this attitude lets things flow, we do not trap ourselves in it, we let it pass. 

Once Luis, my husband began to perceive a tiny tumor in the groin, which began to grow overnight and in a short time reached 10 cm. First we called two doctor friends; they are people that know the Homa Therapy fires. They didn't want to give any diagnose. So we went to see the Teacher Vasant, who happened to be here in this opportunity and there was also Doctor Abel Hernandez. We were indicated that it was necessary to anoint the Agnihotra cream (the clarified, unsalted butter with the Agnihotra ash) in that whole area. After the first application Luis felt ardor because the skin opened up and a liquid came out. The whole area that had been like a globe, kept on reducing with the application of the Agnihotra cream and everything healed very quickly and left us very surprised."