Born in Chixcoral Tolima
Hospital San Jose
Marsella, Riseralda
  • Pain in the ankle
  • Inflammation of the leg
"I have worked in the Hospital San Jose as an infirmary assistant for eighteen years.
Since last year I suffered from a pain in the ankle in the right leg. They have taken x-rays, I have taken medications, they have done therapy sessions, however the improvement has been very relative. I have taken calcium and other medications that were indicated to improve my situation. They did for a while and later everything continued equally. The leg was inflamed a lot, I rested, but on the following day I got up and it continued equally.
Now I am coming to the sessions of Homa Therapy for three days and I feel much better. Before, when my leg did hurt I sat down and when wanting to get up I felt a horrible pain. I walked bent by the pain. All that has changed thanks to the fires of the Homa Therapy. I also take the Agnihotra ash and apply the ash cream (Agnihotra ash mixed with Ghee). I hope to get completely well quickly. I am happy because I have improved.

Now I take Agnihotra ash for a sister that began to lose or to diminish her vision four years ago. They have already made a good quantity of exams and x-rays and her problem is caused by bacteria in the cornea. She was told she needed to be operated.
Yesterday she participated in the Agnihotra fire and she concentrated so much that she was almost scared. I encouraged her saying that God gives us the means, he doesn't tell us how and when things will be, he only presents them to us and we have to take advantage of the grace that is given. I believe that Homa Therapy is a science, and that if God has given man the capacity to study, to investigate and to come to this science, the human being with the help of God can achieve what he wants. I congratulate you and I thank you in a personal way, in the name of Marselles and of the whole world."