Tarapoto, Peru 
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  • Arthritis 
  • Abdominal pains (Ovarian Cysts, Liver, Intestines)
  • Chirurgical Operations
  • Change of Character 
"My mother's joints got very bad at the end of 1999. Her hands and fingers were completely bent and she had a lot of pain. She began a treatment in which she took Agnihotra-ash 3 times a day mixed with pure bee's honey and also she drank the Yantram water 3 times daily. I also applied her the Agnihotra-ash crème. Her diet was without red meats. Her pain was decreasing little by little and her hands and fingers recovered their normal form. When my father saw her after one month, he could not believe that she had recovered completely and was without pain. 
Later my father got sick and he asked me to help him too. I began the same treatment but unfortunately, when his cancer was detected, it had already spread. However, the ingestion of Agnihotra ash with pure bee's honey 3 times daily before eating. It helped him a lot, since his colon was obstructed and he could not evacuate in a normal way. Practicing the fires helped him to calm the pain and to have a very peaceful death. The last days, which we all spent together, were of immense harmony. 

A friend, Madid Macedo, suffered from liver and colon problems. She has had seven operations. The last time, the operation was made on her ovaries. The colon and the intestines were accidentally sewed together. Due to this, she constantly suffered pains. Until the day she was invited to participate in the Agnihotra fire and from then on her treatment began: she took Agnihotra-ash and Yantram water several times a day. She also applied the Agnihotra-ash crème in the whole abdominal region to stop the pain. 
Her surprise was very big, when she visited the doctor and an echography was made. The ovarian cysts have disappeared completely. Equally, the strong pains, product of the last operation, disappeared. 

For me personally, Homa Therapy has modified my personality; I had a very strong character. Since I was a small child I lived with headaches, which tired and irritated me. Then I was really stubborn. Once I had taken a decision I could not step back. Now I reflect things and if necessary, make changes. I have been able to take out the bad, negative things that sometimes trap us. Now there are many things that fill me with happiness. I also feel sadness being unable to help all the people who really would need help. 
The Agnihotra fire has helped me in everything; it has changed all my life. Now even my husband practices it and we share the same experiences."