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  • Gallbladder stones
 "I work in the area of health. My boss, Dr. Carlos del Aguila always invites us to the Ministry of Health to coordinate different things, but this time I also came for health reasons to Lima. I have been suffering of gallbladder stones for years and finally made the decision to have an operation done. Exams were made, I went to two specialists because I have heart arrhythmia and Dr. Pacheco, who is one of the best cardiologists in the whole of Peru suggested to have an operation done. 
In the same hospital I had another consultation with another cardiologists and he also agreed to the operation. I had to go to several exams, even with the anesthesiologist. And it happened when all was arranged, after I had the appointment and the date for the operation, when I noticed that the order had another name, it was for another person. So all I could do was to get another appointment and return to the country, where I live. I obtained a new appointment. After fifteen days I returned from Tarma with the firm decision to be operated this time. I said goodbye to my daughters, having in mind that something unexpected might happen during the operation. I got ready with all the usual things one needs in a hospital, believing that I would be operated the same afternoon. I went to the appointment and the nurse told me after some time apologizing, that my history was not the in files, neither in the area of surgical risk, nor in any other place. 
I was close to getting upset, but I stopped myself and thought that this is a sign of God, he doesn't want me to be operated. It was strange enough that this time the documents got lost and I wondered what to do next. 
I left the hospital and went to visit my boss in his office and it was there and then when he invited me to attend the Homa Therapy session. He showed me a project or report that was titled with 'Homa Therapy' on his desk. He took the file and said: 'I invite all of you to Homa Therapy. Do you have time today?' We responded 'yes' and we went all in the car of the Ministry. My companions pronounced some Mantras. I thought how strange that was and when I entered for the first time the meeting, people were finishing with the Agnihotra fire. As it is my style, I entered very attentive and I was observing everything. I do no remember in what moment I fell asleep very deeply, but after that I felt very relaxed. The following day I returned on time for the fire and later I told everything to my husband. Also that my boss had requested Agnihotra ash. I knew about the ash, but didn't know that it was so important, that my boy jumped like a boy of happiness when he received it. He is a person of age and to see him jump with the jar of ash, I wondered why is he so happy possessing that ash? I smiled and it caused a feeling of strangeness. Now I understand why he was so happy. The answer is that it is very important to take the healing Agnihotra ash. The first time I ingested the ash it sent me immediately to the bathroom and I felt as if many things left my body. After that I felt better. I no longer have that permanent pain and I have decided to stick to Homa Therapy and not to the operation."