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"When I began practicing Homa Therapy I had a fern plant at home that was full with insects, worms and butterflies, which were eating it up. The plant was damaged by fifty percent. My mother-in-law suggested me to buy a poison to get rid of the plagues, but I rather decided to do the fires. The following morning I left with my smallest son for a walk and he was the one pointing at the many dead worms in the dirt. Again they reminded me of buying the poison, but I didn't pay attention and left. When I returned home there were more dead worms and I contribute this to the effect of the Agnihotra fire.
Also did we have a rose bush with some insects called " palometas " and from Saturday to Sunday the insects were already dry, dead without life.
An almond tree tree was also attacked by some insects. All its buds were eaten by insects; I was also told that it was a male tree and would not give any fruits. But after a few weeks the tree began to flower and later gave almonds. The insects disappeared, they died falling on the ground. I could see in those moments the power of the healing energy that is generated in the pyramid that acts as plague control.

One year later a friend who has a farm in Plate Palatena visited me at home. He had cultivated several hectares of millet and sorghum and he told me that his fields were being attacked by mice and "comejÚn" and that his corn had worms and he thought that he will lose the whole crop. I got him a pyramid and taught him to make the fires of Homa Therapy.

In the house of my friends sister, here in Barranquilla, the bonsai tree was attacked by butterflies. They had deposited their eggs in the little tree, which become worms and the chrysalises could be watched like they became butterflies. It was an big novelty at home. I didn't say anything, but I thought, when they start doing the fires here, those bugs will go. The following Sunday he went to the farm and later told me: Something was fumigated because the worms are dead. Again I didn't say anything. That was in the month of October.
Several months later in January I visited him on the farm again and I realized that although he had the Agnihotra pyramid, it had not been used, because he didn't understand some instructions. That very same day we both made an Agnihotra fire in the patio and the following day I went with my hand over the leaves of the plants. My friend told me not to do that in order not to spread the insects. The following day, after the fire, I did the same again, I went with my hand over the plants and the dead bugs fell off. The absence of mice in the crop was noticed, and when harvesting the corn, it turned out to be good. Only some had dead worms and from that point on my friend does practice the Agnihotra daily on his property.

Also on my friend's property are two lagoons, where he placed some fish. But when he went for fishing, he never took out anything. I suggested him to put Agnihotra ash into the water and when I came back after some time I realized that they had many fish of big size in spite of the little time that had passed. I can say that the Agnihotra ash improves the water and recovers the natural environment.

One day we went to a yoga symposium and one of the members ate fish and got intoxicated. He had a colic and felt really bad. I gave him some Agnihotra ash and he was already cured before I gave him his 2nd dose.
Another person suffered from pain in the column that didn't allow him to sleep well. I found him lying on the floor and as I always carry some Agnihotra ash with me, I provided him some and I applied it on his column and this helped him ease the pain.
Another day in a farm a boy fell in a pond and he injured his elbow. I cleaned his wound with water from the same pond and then I put Agnihotra ash on it. Somebody said that he could get an infection, but this was not the way. After three days the wound was dry. The germicidal power of the Agnihotra ash is wonderful.
I have also experiences with the cure of people that suffered of conjunctivitis. First I boil pure water with Agnihotra ash and later I filter this and place it in a drop bottle. I apply the solution 3 times and have found that the conjunctivitis disappears.

I practice the fires of the Homa Therapy every morning and afternoon, because where I live there are a cancer and oncology clinic. I do the fires with the intention that the healing may reach all those people.
There is a physical law that says that contained energy emerges. I don't know well the category or level of those energies, but I know that they heal, they heal and improve everything. "