"I am vegetarian for three years. I work during the day and study music at night. Previously all this was very hard, it felt that I didn't have enough energy to confront my studies at night. I thought that it was maybe because of the vegetarian diet,  that I was not consuming proteins (meats). After consultations with medical nutritionists I began to take vitamin supplements, but continued equally bad. Until I met the Homa Therapy fire through the means of some friends and began to practice them. In little time, practically in one month I felt different. I felt that the energy had returned and I was able to continue my music studies at night and during the day I felt different and without stress.

I made another interesting experience with the Agnihotra fire. The work during the day and the studies at nights didn't give me much time for other things. I slept only four hours. I got up early to practice yoga and then did the Agnihotra. At that time I had a girl friend, who loved to go out. But I could not always complete my promise and left her planted some time. After I had left her waiting, she would come to my house and scolt me and make strong scenes, those could take the tranquility of anyone. One day she came after I had left her waiting and I was just doing the Tryambakam fire. I noticed her face full of anger, very bothered. I let her in and said: "Please, sit down. I am doing something delicate and spiritual for about ten more minutes and later I listen to you, I will be all yours." After that 10 minutes her anger had disappeared and we had no longer a problem but pure laughter."