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  • High Blood Pressure
"Homa Therapy for me is very important, because I benefited one hundred percent. I suffered of high blood pressure and had to take pills constantly. If I would not take them, I felt bad and the doctors told me that I have to take them every day. With the fires of the Homa Therapy I feel very well. Now it has been three months that I don't take the pills and I feel magnificent. 
When I get up now in the morning my pressure is normal. Before, I woke up feeling heat, I felt bad and everything seemed bad. Now I feel well, the things I do, I do them with energy and they come out well, with success. 

I have told many people that it seems like I have found a hidden treasure and I give it to all people, friends, neighbors, and family. I transmit them this news and even bring them Agnihotra ash so that they take it consciously. For me this is something that I have never seen and it is powerful. I believe in God, I attend Church and I want to bring the Agnihotra into the Church so it can expand from there. 
I thank those who taught me the Homa Therapy and I thank God. I am happy to be here, we seem to be one family and everything is so peaceful, thanks to the Lord."