Graciela Cohen
San Felipe Residence
Lima, Peru
Telephone: 463-6798
DNI: 07191675


  • Arrhythmia
  • Fibrillation
"I am 53 years old. I have a heart problem. Because of my mother's death, I went into a very deep depression and the cardiac arrhythmia and fibrillation started. The arrhythmia could be controlled with medication, but the fibrillation continued; then I was transferred to the National Institute of the Heart (INCOR) in the Almenara Hospital and they have been treating me there since.
Just one month before I came to the Homa Therapy, the cardiologist evaluated me, I had a cardiogram done; With the arrhythmia my heartbeat per minute was almost at 110 and I was fibrillating. I had to take Digoxina. I had been taking Atenolol before, 1/2 pill in the morning and 1/2 pill in the night. Well, I came to Homa Therapy in the beginning with a lot of fear because I could not be in places with smoke. Then after 6 or 8 sessions with Homa Therapy, I requested an appointment with my cardiologist and she took a cardiogram. I ask her ' Am I fibrillating? She told me 'No and the arrhythmia is totally controlled'. What I didn't achieve with two years of conventional treatment I achieved in little time practicing the healing fires. I do the fires in my house and I am also coming to the Turiassu Clinica.

I have also felt improvement in my state of mind. I miss something if I do not do the fires. It is an energy thing. I believe that my energy is quite unbalanced, but when I come to the Homa Therapy, I feel better, it is like it gives me energy, it injects life into me.
I came with a pain in my knees and then I leave walking to my house without any pain, it is something that sometimes I cannot believe. I am not a believer, but this works, I experience that it works.

My daughter has had a problem since she was small. She is in psychiatric and psychological treatment. She takes Meleril, Prosac in the morning and Estelacine in the morning and at night. In the last appointment the Doctor lowered her medication, he told me "I see her very well and I will dare to change the prescription of Meleril to be taken every other day and we will see how he reacts."
And she is reacting very well with half of the Meleril, which is a sedative."