Gerardina Ly Dubio 
L.E. 02680230 
Piura, Peru


  • Smoking 
  • Fungi 
"I have always tried to quit smoking. After four sessions with Homa Therapy I did it and I know, that I won't smoke again. 
When I sit in front of the Agnihotra fire, I feel that I am praying with much more concentration and I feel God very, very close. 
I gave my friend Dalila Clods a little bit of Agnihotra-ash-crème and she applied it one single time on a toenail, which was infected with a fungi. Only after a few days the black fungi stain and the fungi disappeared. 
Since I practice the healing fires, I have hardly any breathing problems. 
Thanks for the opportunity to know this wonderful Therapy that made me love and appreciate the people who surround me much more."