Gabi Zapata de Gonzáles
César Gonzáles Saavedra
Calle Diego Ferrer 215
Urb. Las Mercedes
Piura, Peru
Tel: 074-974985


  • Boil
  • Decalcification
  • Insomnia
  • Bad Humor
  • Fears

"I had a boil on the throat that was swollen and painful. It was hard to pass even saliva. A friend told me about the ayurvedic healing fires and so I came. The first time that I inhaled the Agnihotra smoke, I felt like new. I got to the house and tried to feel this boil, but surprisingly it was not there any more.
I was suffering from bone aches, specially the face. The doctor told me the menopause (low calcium in the bones) caused it. I could not even talk. I spend a lot of money and I took a large amount of calcium pills.
Now, my bones don't hurt any more, I don't perspire like before and I feel healthy and very happy. I don't take any more pills or medicines. My husband and I had problems falling asleep, that is no more the case since we practice the Agnihotra. 
Homa Therapy also helped my children. My son used to spend a lot of time "on the road" but now he likes to be at home and he is more loving. At a certain point, while I was doing Agnihotra I asked the Virgin Mary for my daughter and so she did take some decisions for her better future, which was a miracle for us. Everyone in the family takes daily the Agnihotra ash. My husband got a kidney removed and I had a uterus tumor removed. We used to wear support belts but with the Homa Therapy practice we lost our fears and don't wear them anymore."

Mr. Cesar Gonzales Saavedra, who is a university professor in chemistry, says:

"The experience with Homa Therapy has been very helpful to us. It changed our life. Now we are more aware of our eating habits and we gained some spiritual peace. We overcame many problems. We take Agnihotra ash with our food and we feel very well. We did not have any similar experience in the past."