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"I participated for the first time in Homa Therapy on a Thursday. That night, during the sleep, my body temperature rose. I began to sweat and I ended up having 38 degree (Celsius) of fever. As I could not fall asleep again and I did not feel well, I decided to watch at dawn on Friday the documental video done by HBO, which someone had lent me. I felt like I was in a state of "expanded awareness", maybe a product of the fever. I knew in this moment that Homa Therapy was going to be very important in my life and that I should practice the fires. Without delay I looked up on the Internet all I could find on this topic and I found the page with the testimonies of many people and their email addresses. I sent mail to many requesting information and big was my surprise when that same weekend Alejandra Mendez from Merida, Venezuela answered that she would be traveling to Argentina in two days!. I felt like an invisible thread had taken me by the hand so that I could get connected with that millennial knowledge of Homa Therapy. I met with Alejandra in Buenos Aires and with much love did she transmit us her experiences and we carried out the Agnihotra fire with a group of Argentineans. Also in a miraculous way I received a copper pyramid and are able since to carry out the healing fires in my home and I began to invite people, first my family and then openly anybody. 

Experiments with plants
We began to use the Agnihotra ash with its properties according to the explanations given by the Teacher Vasant in his book Homa Therapy - Our Last Chance. We prepared water for the plants with the ash of the Tryambakam Fire and began to use it with some plants of the garden. The results were truly surprising:

The clearest example was that of the azaleas (see picture). One of them was treated with the Homa Therapy water, while the other one only received normal water. The two azalea plants were exposed to the same conditions of light, place and in pots of the same size. The azalea that received the blessings of the Homa Therapy became filled with flowers and brought out new clusters, while the other did not. People seeing this exclaimed surprised: 'but she has more flowers than leaves!'

Another example is that of a plant that practically was drying up. It had been pruned and taken care of but without results. It was then when we began to use the Homa Therapy and all that what had failed till then, resulted now. It grew new buds, small leaves were born and then the plant was filled with clusters in a short time, a true miracle. In the picture you can see the cuts of the pruning, the plant almost dry but with the new tiny twigs full of leaves.

If the practice of the Agnihotra brings these results in plants how wonderful will it work in the transformation and purification of our soul! At the present time we have meetings open to the public every Thursday and we carry out the Tryambakam fire after each Yoga class. God willing, more and more people will use this wonderful tool given to us by the Vedas and will apply the natural methods of the ayurvedic medicine for the purification of the atmosphere and the cure of body, mind and soul."