• about HOMA THERAPY

"Together with my wife Cecilia I have many years of Homa Therapy practice, which is a very simple technique. It is a fire done exactly at sunrise and sunset. It has brought us great health benefits. We have also been able to share the Agnihotra ash and the Agnihotra cream (Agnihotra ash mixed with clarified unsalted butter) that is applied to the skin in the cases of wounds, burns, all skin problems, herpes, etc. 
We have been able to share this medicine with some friends at our place in Elki Valley - Cochiguaz - Chile. It is in the interior of la Serena, about 110 km, where there is a beautiful river which is the Cochiguaz River. The teacher Vasant has been going to Chile for the last 25 years and particularly to the Elki Valley. 
Homa Therapy is a technique of integral healing because it acts on the atmosphere, on the water, on the air we breathe, on the soil, on the plants and on the human being. This Therapy reestablishes the material order of things in such a way that is effortlessly. It works independently of us in such a way that any person without any special requirements, neither race, belief system, economic or social position, distinction between man and woman or including a child can practice it. The only thing one needs is to learn some Mantras, and to have the ability to light a fire without causing some accident. 
As for the practice of Homa Therapy, I have had experiences with friends that have been suffering from illnesses and did not want to have anything to do with traditional medicines. They explained us their ailments and we shared the Agnihotra ash, the Agnihotra cream, the Agnihotra ointment with them and they have achieved improvements with real impact, especially in reference to skin herpes, psoriasis and burns. They just take the ash of the morning and evening Agnihotra, only a little bit of ash detoxes the organism. The Agnihotra ash is anti- radioactive. 
But most important is the personal experience that each one of you can have with the practice of Agnihotra. Practice of Agnihotra heals the atmosphere, through this we heal ourselves by being in a better state of conscience, of health, of being more generous, loving and concerned beings to our neighbor's problems, forgetting ourselves a little more and entering in that state that the Teacher Vasant has always emphasized to us, which is to serve, to be useful, to help and to collaborate. 
I wanted this opportunity and God and our Teacher have given it to me. 

I would like to be able to erase the differences among Chilean and Peruvians. We have such an old history dragging absolutely unnecessary bitterness and hate. The Chilean person is peaceful, he wants to respect openly the Peruvian family and I ask the Peruvians for forgiveness for the attitude of some politicians, some military people that persist in those frontier divisions that we should forget about and be more united, with things so wonderful as the Agnihotra fire. The fire will erase nonexistent barriers among the human beings, and I believe that very soon we will have a single great planet to share and to save. To save in the sense of the pollution of which we all are responsible. This should be stopped, corrected and harmony and the reestablishment of a pure atmosphere can finally triumph. And we can show more interest in the problems of what we call "the other" and we don't need to put ourselves first as we usually tend to do. 
I reiterate, the practice of Agnihotra will bring to each one of you different and beautiful experiences in healing, meditation and in the contact with the own inner being. The Teacher Vasant always reiterates it and I repeat what He teaches us: in this ancient technique of Agnihotra, in this scientific practice there is no Guru to follow, there is no quota to pay, and there is no social club to belong to. 
It is something that respects the human being's total freedom. Each one continues in his belief, in his work, in his city, country or wherever one is living and from there one can do the beautiful work of service to all the brothers and sisters that surround us."