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Problems :

  • Insomnia 
  • Domestic violence 
"I listened in the radio to Dr. Hernandez and then I came to see the fires. I have made my experiments with the Agnihotra ash. I was given some ash and made the test with my boss, who could not sleep. That night, after having taken the Agnihotra ash, she slept very well. She normally wakes up and cannot get sleep again. But just with this one intake of Agnihotra ash she slept like an angel all night. 
My boys in the house fought a lot, I gave them the ash in the lentil soup and they stopped their fighting. 
The father of a friend did not get along with his wife and also fought with his children. I told my friend to give him Agnihotra ash and that this will soften their dad's anger. She gave him one single time in the breakfast, and the gentleman now is all love with his wife and his children. This is a truthful story.

My curiosity has brought me here. I am very curious. But I like the fires a lot and it is already the third time that I come to request some Agnihotra ash. Soon I have my own pyramid and I can make the fires. I have friends whom I want to help. I recommend people who hear about Homa Therapy to come and participate in the Agnihotra fire because it is something very good and it is a Therapy that heals. We do not need any longer to take expensive medicines, which heal us in some way, but make us sicker in another. Homa Therapy is something very beautiful."