Francisco Yataco
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  • Pain in the shoulder
  • Diabetes, etc.
"The first time I came out of pure curiosity; wondering where my wife leaves at five in the afternoon? Now I come sporadically, more to accompany my wife. But the first time I came with her, I felt a sensation of tranquility and I continued coming with the desire getting cured in my shoulder. I ate the Agnihotra ash but still had pain, but yes I felt tranquil and with another spirit; I commented this to the Doctor and he told me that it would be necessary to prepare an Agnihotra ash ointment. On Friday at about 1:00 o'clock a.m. I remembered this and my wife prepared the ointment and applied it on my shoulder with a bandage and I fell asleep. The following day, the pain that had been from a hit in a tennis party, was gone. 5 x-rays had been taken previously indicating a tendonitis, bursitis, etc. and I had received many injections and took pills, but they were simply a palliative, and more than anything affected my stomach.
With the Agnihotra ash ointment which I applied only I feel so much improvement.

Initially I doubted, I thought "what does it pursue?" But I see the results and I want to reiterate again that for me the greatest satisfaction is the tranquility I experience and the effects of the treatment Homa in my wife. My conclusion is that Homa Therapy offers relief in the psychological - spiritual aspect and also in the phyisical part. She is diabetic and took monthly obligatorily between 300 and 400 pills and walked around with a bad genius, product of the degeneration produced by the diabetes. She took pills for the kidneys, for the osteoporosis, for the sugar, etc. etc. The first day after Homa Therapy she slept like an angel. She was accustomed to get up early with a "kick butts" genius and I was that butt every morning. Then at night she used to wake up three to four times because she had cramps in her feet. Lately I worried about the pains she had because in an opportunity we went out and practically she could not get up on the sidewalk and had to catch my hand because of the problem with the osteoporosis. Her column was already bending and we were considering buying a crutch because she could hardly walk. On the second day of coming to the Homa Therapy session she said that she didn't feel any more pains. The following day, I found her splendid, smiling, very cheerful and with a quite lively genius, and I wondered: What has happened to her? Her good humor even contaminated me.
She explained me later that she was afraid of going to the medical controls in the insurance because they were ready to start to inject insulin. But with Homa Therapy she inclusive lowered the doses of pills that were between the 10 and 15 daily and where she had been told that she will have to take them for life and that her illness didn't have a cure. So in that sense I believe that Homa Therapy has been quite beneficial. I invite everyone to practice it. I believe, like the doctors tell us, Homa Therapy is not question of faith, it is not a religion but simply a science that demonstrates facts. Inclusive in some talks Dr. Cotillo mentions the word "miracle", because the same science doesn't always find explanation. The science here for example said that my wife will continue with her disease and to forget about the possibility of a cure. But we find that with Homa Therapy there is a regeneration of organs, in this case specifically of diabetes the pancreas. So I want to invite everyone to practice the Homa Therapy so that you see the positive results with your own eyes. Also my gratefulness to Dr. Cotillo who generously and voluntarily and without any type of interest is offering his clinic for the Homa Therapy session in order to share this Homa technique.
I thank the kindness that the practice of Homa Therapy shows."