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Jr. Junin 1151 
Piura, Peru 
Tel. 074 - 305415 
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  • Incontinence 
  • Depression 
  • Alcohol 
"3 years ago, I was operated of abdominal Hysterectomy in a famous clinic. From that day on, I suffered from urinary incontinence. They wanted to operate me on the urinary bladder, because it was pulled. They wanted to expand the bladder. I have visited several well-known gynecologists and I have gone to urologists to find a solution to my problem, but without success. 
Long time ago, I was invited by my friend Clara Zapata to come to the Homa-Therapy. But only one month ago, in July 2001, I began to attend the healing sessions. Little by little I felt improvement. I found people that guided me in respect to the Homa- Therapy. 
This was not my only problem, I was also in psychological treatment, which helped me to overcome several problems, but the depression I had, did not get better. I was constantly crying. 
I do not know what exactly happened, but my life has changed a lot with the Homa-Therapy. Now I can sleep well. I also learned to look at life with optimism and now I don't wish to die anymore. 
Another thing is, that I have been taking antidepressants for a long time in order to forget my problems. I have had the bad habit of drinking liquor every week; I felt unsatisfied with everything. 
Now I have found the solution to my problems in the fires of the Homa-Therapy .  I invite all sick people to attend the Homa-Therapy. 
I thank God for having put people in my way, who taught me this marvelous healing technique."