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"I am doing the Homa Therapy fires once a week for two years. 
A company here in Manizales declared closure. So a coworker brought a pyramid to the workplace and told us: 'Since the company is already declared for closing, let's begin to work with the Tryambakam fire. Perhaps it will help the company and change their opinions about closing.' We began to practice Homa Therapy and the company reassumed the work and there was no longer the risk of closure. The whole problem disappeared. Now the sales have increased and that helped to pay several debts. This has been something wonderful, we all feel so much better. 

Another experience was on a farm with a beautiful, gorgeous tree, about which we were told that it will fall because the ants were destroying it. We took the Homa pyramid to the nearby pool, where three people did Tryambakam. The following day we magnetized water in a pail and asked the ants to leave. We told them we did not want them there and that they were causing  damage to the tree. The following day we went to see the tree and there were no more ants."